Studio Hire


Front Room:  hire only - $28 per hour 

      with equipment -   $49 per hour  (bolsters, resistant bands, straps, foam rollers, mats)

Our front room (as pictured above) has full length windows with amazing natural light, the room is 47 square meters with over 15 meters of Barres at various heights.  We have a 4.6 meter floor mounted barre, a 6.1 meter wall mounted Barre with mirrors  and a 4.8 meter wall mounted double barre.  For further information please contact our studio.

Warehouse: hire only - $37.50 per hour (including the use of the rigging) 

       with equipment - $45 per hour (aerial apparatus - Silks, Lyra, Static Trapeze or Hammock + crash mats)

Our warehouse room is our largest floor space. The room is approximately 109 meters squared, and can be set out to suit your needs. 

Back Room:  hire only - $32 per hour ~

Our back room (as pictured below) has an industrial look with a relaxed feel.  The room is 68 meters squared, and can be set out to suit your needs. The Yoga Slings can be unhooked leaving the room completely open. 

For more information and to obtain a studio hire agreement with all the terms and conditions please review the document below and contact the studio for further information.

Studio hire Studio hire (236 KB)

Aerial Fit

We offer a wide variety of classes at our Castle Hill studio. We offer Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Flexibility, Core, Strength, Conditioning, and Aerial Programs to keep you motivated and moving.

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