Aerial Hoop/Lyra Program
Aerial Silks Program
Aerial Hammock
Aerial Conditioning


10 Week Programs

One class a week for 10 weeks for a total of 10 hours of instruction.

60 Minute Classes

Twist, spiral, and move your body through the air.

Program Levels

Programs for beginner and intermediate level students.

Taught by Industry Leaders

Learn from expert instructors and have fun while doing it.

You may have heard of the Aerial Hoop, Ring, or even the Cerceau, but we call this incredible hoop Lyra. Experience the opportunity to experiment with a huge variety of shapes in and around the hoop to expand your creative skills while you build your strength.

You’ll be feeling yourself grow in confidence and strength each week, with supportive instructors showing modifications for the shapes you’ll be forming. Feel more focussed and ready to take on the day when you dedicate an hour to concentrate on the power of your body, and rest with dynamic cool-downs at the end of class.

 Whether you’re swinging on the hoop, staying still in a stunning pose, or spinning and twisting around, work your way higher and get ready to soar!

Beginner or pro, there’s opportunity for growth in every sphere, with limited class sizes to ensure you’re getting the attention needed to not only learn well, but to create a little family in-class. Grow in confidence and strength on the air and on the ground.

You may have seen a certain pop-rock singer performing on this incredible apparatus, and Pink is proof that any age, any ability - you can create something POWERFUL on the Aerial Silks!

The Silks work to challenge as you learn to climb two suspended fabrics (silks) and learn to form shapes, steady inversions, spiral and even fall with incredible grace and beauty.

Spend sixty minutes working on your whole body strength, and find a level of upper body strength no other class can provide. Our capped class sizes allow you to work at your own pace, with your goals in mind to learn and perform a routine at the end of the eight weeks.

Never been upside down before? No problem! Whether it’s learning your footlock or Russian Climb, our instructors are here to encourage and inspire, no matter how many tries it may take. We celebrate the achievements large and small, here every step of the way to answer questions, provide insight and share our experiences to help you become a confident Aerialist soaring in no time!

Love the idea of Aerial Yoga and want to take it a little higher? Look no further than the Aerial Hammock. Also known as the Aerial Sling or Loop, Hammock lets you enjoy all the freedom of soaring on the silks with the support of a looped silk to hold you tight and close.

Feel your whole body strengthen week by week, and discover a whole new level of core strength; you’ll be holding your weight in incredible inversions and graceful shapes and movements.

Created for absolute beginners right up to experienced aerialists, you can’t go wrong with Aerial Hammock! The support of the sling offers space for you to experiment, learn and grow in a safe environment.  If you’re looking to improve your strength and flexibility or just wanting an exciting and different way to keep fit then Aerial Hammock is the perfect apparatus for you!!

If you are new to aerial work, or if you have reached a plateau, then conditioning can make the difference in pushing through, or working on technique to attain the next level of your aerial journey. Aerial conditioning is not only a great class to assist you with your strength and stamina to help train for aerials but is great for general fitness as well.  We focus on strength and tension, core stability, and shoulder mobility by utilising all of the different aerial apparatus and conditioning equipment.  This way you get to use all the apparatus without the dance aspect that you get in an aerial dance class. We specifically work on shoulder, back, and core conditioning however we also focus on the smaller things like grip and awareness of areas of your body you may not think are important of such as your feet.  We leave nothing out, when it comes to conditioning you'll work hard and see results!


Aerial Programs

10 week program, 60 minute classes


$290.00 - $340.00 a term

25% off your second class | Member discounts also available

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