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Lift, flip and fly to strengthen and increase flexibility.


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Have you wondered what all the fuss is surrounding Aerial Yoga?

It is one of those things that you need to experience for yourself! Aerial Yoga uses hammock slings suspended from the ceiling, to support the weight of your body through various stretches, tricks, strength & cardio focused movements and inversions.

Sounds a bit tricky? Our instructors are qualified in Aerial Yoga, and are able to provide modifications for every kind of body, from the most advanced aerialist to a first-timer just starting on their fitness journey. It’s actually a beautiful feeling when you have part of your body suspended. The sling alleviates pressure in your joints, which means you are able to stretch without the normal stiffness you might feel, or exaggerated stretch reflex.

Is it effective? Absolutely. As part of your body is in the air, the movement of the sling will cause your body to make little micro adjustments to stay balanced and stable. This is a really effective way of building your core, postural muscles and stability in your joints.

Aerial Yoga boasts numerous health benefits such as increased muscular flexibility, core strengthening, upper and lower body muscular strengthening, increased joint mobility, low impact cardiovascular conditioning, realignment of the spine and because of how much fun you are having so much fun, you are constantly stimulating the release of 'happy hormones'!

It is also a great way to develop body awareness and control, improve blood circulation and realignment of the spine. This translates to improvements in many different aspects of life- from more awareness of posture when you are sitting at your desk, to better performance on the sports field. One of our clients who is on the coaching team for the Western Sydney Wanderers (and is big fan of Aerial Yoga & Yoga), believes that Aerial Yoga is ten times more effective than traditional Yoga for recovery.

All our Aerial Yoga instructors have undergone a minimum 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course, so you are in safe & knowledgeable hands.

A lot to take in? As we said to begin with, you have to try it for yourself! We believe it is a great way to have fun and be a little adventurous, whilst working wonders for your body.


A great place to start if you have never done classes like this before is to purchase the new client pass. This gives you 7 Days of unlimited studio classes so you can try them all out before purchasing a class pass or membership.

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1 Single Class Pass $28.00
10 Class Pass $180.00
20 Class Pass $320.00


3 Classes per week membership $44.00/weekly
Unlimited Classes per week membership $56.50/weekly

Studio Class Weekly Passes require a minimum committment of 6 months and are billed monthly.
Your Studio Class Pass can be used to attend a variety of Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yoga, Barre, Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility classes.

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