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Barre fitness has been commonly referred to as the fastest way to change your body shape, and that doesn’t surprise us in the slightest!

Even though it is really popular at the moment, Barre classes started back in the 50’s when former dancer Lotte Burke opened her first studio in London. Ballet inspired workouts target the every single part of the body, to leave you feeling stretched and strengthened (and a little sore) in the best possible way. Not just focussing on the legs as you might assume, Barre allows you to push yourself a little further, with support from the barre and some extra props along the way. ). At our studio, we fuse the best elements of ballet, Pilates, sports conditioning and stretching for a truly unique and fun experience. Classes are not about how many reps you can do in a minute or how many kilos you can lift - barre classes focus on precision and proper form; you do smaller, slower movements and will be isolating specific muscle groups you don’t regularly use. This means that our classes are low impact, tough on muscles, but kind on joints! A workout you can do at any age, and with low risk of injury.

You don't need dance experience or prior knowledge to take a barre class, and you don't even have to be familiar with the ballet barre. Roughly half the class will be standing, using the ballet barre for support, then you will be moved to the mat for core/ pilates mat work. Some classes also use additional props (balls, therabands and light hand weights) which will all be provided for you. Just bring your own mat if you have one!

During your first few classes, there will most likely be parts of the class you may not get instantly and that’s ok! It usually takes a few classes to get the hang of what’s coming up next and to get in the groove of things. It’s important to ask your instructor questions after class to start to truly grasp what is happening and why you are doing certain moves. Your instructor is there to help you and will give you options if you need, or correct your technique to make sure you are getting a safe & challenging workout.




A ballet style workout that uses a combination of ballet and pilates movements to tone the whole body. This class will include small movements to isolate and tone individual muscle groups, as well as big dynamic movements to increase range of motion and flexibility. A great workout for the whole body, that tones, increases flexibility, coordination and releases the inner dancer within you!



BarreFit is our signature class at AerialFit, and is designed to be a 55 minute continuous class that works the entire body. The fusion of pilates and dance creates a fun, upbeat class that will have you sweating, shaking and singing along to the music!

The options are endless with BarreFit - You might be in a class that uses therabands to keep you working throughout your full range of movement. Or perhaps you might find your instructor giving the class a cardio focus, designed to get your heart rate up and into the fat burning zone without harsh high impact movements. This class will combine dynamic movements with lots of reps and variety to make sure you are feeling the burn! Either way, you will leave feeling refreshed, strong, and sweaty!



A great place to start if you have never done classes like this before is to purchase the new client pass. This gives you 7 Days of unlimited studio classes so you can try them all out before purchasing a class pass or membership.

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1 Single Class Pass $28.00
10 Class Pass $180.00
20 Class Pass $320.00


3 Classes per week membership $44.00/weekly
Unlimited Classes per week membership $56.50/weekly

Studio Class Weekly Passes require a minimum committment of 6 months and are billed monthly.
Your Studio Class Pass can be used to attend a variety of Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yoga, Barre, Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility classes.

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