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Our goal here at AerialFit is to create an exercise program where you don’t feel like you are exercising. We want to bring the joy back into movement and encourage everyone to get up and keep moving, no matter how small that movement might be. Our classes are designed to suit every fitness level and every level of experience, from beginners to experienced fitness professionals and dancers. Our aerial and fly gym classes in our Castle Hill studio use slings which support your weight and work the whole body improving posture, flexibility and stability. Barre classes are the fastest most effective way to change your body, you will create long, lean muscles without bulk. Come and join us at our studio in Castle Hill and see where the joy of movement begins.

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The benefits of both Aerial Yoga, Fly Gym and Pilates Barre are endless, you will strengthen your joints without impact or stress, experience spinal decompression, improve your posture and muscular balance by lengthening and strengthening the muscles. You will gain incredible core strength and improve your body awareness. It is better health through fitness made fun! Start your journey to better health with us at our Castle Hill Studio and experience how our classes can change your body.

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By suspending your body (or part of your body) in the air you can enjoy free motion while sculpting your body. Even the smallest movement will create big results just by balancing. By focusing on form and doing smaller, slower movements and will be isolating specific muscle groups you don’t regularly use. Each strength section of the workout is followed by a stretching section in order to create long, lean muscles without bulk.

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Aerial Fit

AerialFit offers a wide variety of classes in our Castle Hill Studio including: AerialYoga, Pilates Barre, Fly Gym, Aerial Silks, Flexibility, Strength, Conditioning, Core and Aerial Fitness.

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